Sunday, August 28, 2011

That covers the releases for July 1993.  Overall a great second month for the fledgling Ultraverse.  Once again, I do not have the issue of Ultra Monthly, as I said before, once I eventually obtain copies of these books, I will post about them as well.  Hopefully, I will fall into a more consistent posting pattern with these.  I will be experimenting with a way to keep them coming at a regular least I hope.

What's in store for the next months worth of books?  Month three of the Ultraverse:

Two more launches in Prototype and Exiles, and the continuations of the 5 other series in the lineup.

cover dated August 1993
Exiles #1
Prototype #1
Freex #2
Mantra #2
Prime #3
Strangers #3
Hardcase #3
Ultra Monthly #3 (Although this is an August book, it has a Sept. cover date.)

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