Saturday, November 26, 2011

Freex #2

Freex #02 (August 1993)

Writer: Gerard Jones
Pencils: Ben Herrera
Inks: Mike Christian
Letters: Time Eldred
Color Designer: Keith Conroy
Editor: Hank Kanalz

Cover Art: Ben Herrera

Variants: None known

My summary/review (Just as a note of warning, there are all kinds of spoilers in this review):

Title: Blown Apart

This issue opens with Val going ballistic on the team.  Lewis tries to stop her from destroying the machine thing that just entered their Motel room, and is knocked against the wall.  Ray then attacks Val, and Lewis asks Angela to stop them all.

Val takes off and confronts some police officers, only to be saved from being shot by Rush, an Ultra with speed powers.

Lewis asks Angela why she didn’t do anything and she runs off saying that she didn’t want him to see.

Lewis runs after her, leaving Ray and the ‘machine man’ alone.  A piece that Ray picks up as he is trying to clean up asks him to put him back together.

We learn Angela’s back story and Lewis is obviously attracted to her.

Meanwhile Michael, the boy in the machines, reforms himself using apparent morphing the technology into a body (or maybe it the reverse.)  He’s the one that has been leading Lewis to find the others.

They are soon surrounded by the police and Michael goes into his backstory.

They escape to the roof and are then surrounded again.  Michael freaks out.

Meanwhile Rush and Val trade notes, and he wants a partner to help him with jobs he does.  He has one coming up and Val agrees to help him.  Along the way, we discover that Rush’s dad is Police Captain Jacob Rome.

Overall it’s a pretty good issue.  In the grand scheme of things not much really happens.  The Freex are cornered at the beginning of the issue, and are still in trouble at the end.  We meet a new Ultra (Rush) and Val splits from the team.  We also get a view of two more Freex backgrounds.

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