Saturday, July 9, 2011

Prime #2

Prime #2 (July 1993)

Writer: Gerard Jones & Len Strazewski
Pencils: Norm Breyfogle
Inks: Norm Breyfogle
Letters: Tim Eldred
Color Designer: Keith Conroy
Editor: Chris Ulm

Cover Art: Norm Breyfogle

Variants: A Polybagged version that came with a trading card.

My summary/review (Just as a note of warning, there are all kinds of spoilers in this review):

Title: Hunted

Kevin makes it home.  It is here that we actually learn his name…Kevin Green.

He is taken to the hospital where he is treated for some minor bruising and scrapes along with dehydration.  He claims to have no idea what happened to him, even though as the reader, we know he knows exactly what happened.

Doc Gross is getting agitated that there is no other info as to Primes whereabouts since the Somalia incident.  He says that they are to release Organism B.  His assistant looks shocked at the command.

Back at JFK Junior High, Kevin is being talked about since he was found naked the night before.  The kids are really more into what happened with Prime and the Coach.

Kevin asks Kelly about Prime, and she is very quick to answer…rather enthusiastically.  She then seems to get embarrassed and shuffles off to homeroom.

At the building Prime crashed into the night before, they are cleaning up the mess when Organism B pops in  and sniffs around and then flies off in a hurry.

In English class, Kevin gets ‘sick’ and runs out and changes into Prime.  He hangs around and offers Kelly a ride.

They are attacked by Organism B, and Prime drops Kelly, but is able to save her and tells her to run home.  Prime and Organism B fight and Prime thinks he has killed it.  He flies off in a panic to check on Kelly and is happy that she is alright.  He is shortly attacked again by Organism B and swallowed.

Kelly in the meantime is talking to her friend about what happened.  They also talk about the fact that it is really weird for someone of Prime’s age to ‘like’ her.

Well, we get a bit more info on Prime (Kevin) in this issue, and it keeps the story moving along at a brisk pace.  The topic of Prime liking Kelly, someone who is obviously a lot younger than he (at least in appearance), is being brought up here by the characters themselves.

It’s interesting that they thought to approach this topic this quickly in the series.  I really do not remember how it all plays out, so I am interested in this rereading of the story to see how it is handled.

Norm’s art is great here, and he is really able to cut loose with the goopy Organism B creature that is sent after Prime.  Great stuff all around…

A note, my copy is signed by Len Strazewski, whom I saw at a convention at some point over the years.

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