Friday, July 1, 2011

The Ultraverse? Why do a blog about the Ultraverse?

Good Question.  I always liked the Ultraverse.  It was rather short lived really.  Only around for just under 4 years.

In that time though, a really great collection of talented Writers and Artists created some rather good comics.  Some aged very well, and others...not so much.  A lot of the stinkers really came after Marvel Comics bought them and shoehorned Avengers and X-Men characters into the books.  While I didn't mind The Black Knight (Dane Whitman) being featured in the Ultraforce book, it was all really forced and the line folded soon after Marvel got hold of them.

I plan on reviewing every significant Ultraverse book, and most of the rest of the ashcans and side features as well in this blog.  Not sure how quickly this will go.  I'm hoping on a few issues a week, but that may go up or down depending on what else is happening at the time.  I also plan to go in as close to publication order of the books as well.  That means the books from one month, then the books released the next month and so on.

So comment if you have a memory (good or bad) about any of the issues I post about.


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