Sunday, September 2, 2012

Coming up...

August 1993 is complete now.  Coming up  we move on to September 1993, and a few really nice things in my opinion.

We have the first official crossover with Hardcase and The Strangers.  We have the first issue of The Solution, with the great art of Darick Robertson.  We also have the first issue of Firearm, one of the best comics from the Ultraverse line-up in my opinion.  My first introduction to James Robinson, who would also write Starman for DC comics, which is one of m favorite overall series of all time.

September 1993 Books:

Exiles: 2
Firearm: 1
Freex: 3
Hardcase: 4
Mantra (Volume 1): 3
Prime (Volume 1): 4
Prototype: 2
Solution: 1
Strangers: 4

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