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The Strangers #3

The Strangers #03 (August 1993)

Writer: Steve Englehart
Penciler: Rick Hoberg
Inkers: Tim Burgard & Larry Welch
Letterer: Tim Eldred
Color Designer: Keith Conroy
Editor: Chris Ulm
Thanks to Terral Lawrence

Cover Art: Rick Hoberg

Variants: None known.

My summary/review (Just as a note of warning, there are all kinds of spoilers in this review):

Title: TNTNT!

We meet TNTNT as they attack The Strangers.  They are Tyrannosaur, Naiad,  Torso, Nru-Ronnir, and Tugun.  See what they did there…TNTNT…heh.

TNTNT get the upper hand on The Strangers right away, but after Zip-Zap is thrown out a window, they overcome the team sent by J.D. Hunt to retrieve Candy.  

Zip Zap is fine once out the window, but is hit with a knoxkout dart by some mystery men.  Yrial, although she refused to help the others, comes to the aid of Zip=Zap and drives the mystery men away with the help of the young speedster, who recovers quite quickly due to his sped up metabolism.

Throughout the issue, we are informed of the Strangers retiring to Bob’s parents house and deciding to call themselves The Strangers…creating costumes and the like.

We are also updated on G. Lawrence Bushnell.  Who discovers that there is something much worse than the cancer he had…the cancer he believed to be talking to him.  There is an entity that is manipulating his situation.

Johnny Domino is still alive and in the hospital. Although, he is awake, even if his Doctors do not know it.

J.D. Hunt realizes that he underestimated The Strangers, and plans further PR spins.

The Strangers then head to Hardcases place to meet with him.

The book moves pretty well, and the flashbacks  do not stop the flow of the book.  There are quite a few epilogues at the end, setting up further events.  This book leads into The Strangers and Hardcase #4 issues.

Thee art again is very solid throughout.  Easy to follow, and the action flows well enough.

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