Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exiles #2

Exiles #2 September 1993

Writer: S Gerber
Penciler: P Pelletier
Inker: K Branch
Letterer: P Owsley
Color Designer: M Baumann
Editor: Chris Ulm

Cover Art: Mike Gustovich

Variants: None Known

My summary/review (Just as a note of warning, there are all kinds of spoilers in this review):

Title: Fugitives

We open right after the last issue ended with Catapult and Mustang standing over the bodies of Brut and a woman they failed to protect.  They decide to get out of there when the police show up.  They are trying to talk to the police when Brut gets up and starts tearing through the police himself.

After another short battle, where it becomes obvious that nobody there is going to take Brut down, Brut leaves.  Catapult and Mustang take the opportunity to get out of the situation as well.

We cut to the Doc and Amber talking about the Theta Virus and that they just want to help her.  Amber is told she has about 48 hours to decide for herself, because then the virus decides for her.

Timmy on the other hand is in a cell at Malcolm Korts office tower being told that they want to help him.  His arm has already changed drastically, and they tell him they want him on their team.  He is also apparently very active with the virus and they are testing a process on him.  They eventually take Timmy against his will and place him into a test chamber.

The Doc has decided to lead an assault on Kort, going along herself to handle Timmy.  Amber decides that she wants help and the Doc tells her that she will help her as soon as she gets back.

Brut confronts Bloodbath for leaving him at the scene.

Timmy has changed and the chamber explodes revealing his new body. 

This is still my least favorite of the Ultraverse books so far.  It just feels off.  None of the characters are given much development.  I guess the reasons of this are apparent looking back.

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